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Ziotek 1000ft. CAT5e Solid Core Bulk Cable, Blue ZT1205350

Ziotek 1000ft. CAT5e Solid Core Bulk Cable, Blue ZT1205350
Use this 1,000ft bulk spool of Ziotek Premium CAT5e solid core cable for all your critical network installations. Solid Core makes superior connections into insulation displacement connectors. Solid Core also has less signal attenuation and can span longer distances, making this the cable of choice for in wall and conduit installations. Foot markings on cable make installations controlled and cost effective!
  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Cat5e, PVC
  • 1000ft. Bulk Roll with foot markings on cable indicate length remaining

Mfg SKU:  ZT1205350

Product Specifications:

Cable Type: Cat5e, 24 AWG Solid core, 4 Pair, 350Mhz
Length: 1000ft. (304.8m) Bulk Roll
Color: Blue
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