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Welcome to the Ziotek®

We create innovative products to make living in the digital age easier. Our solutions-based approach to product development has resulted in hundreds of products that make using today's technologies just that much easier and faster.
We manufactured quality products to make things connect, a place to store or modify and adapt your technology -- to keep your things safe. We wonder why these qualities aren't inherent in everything that's made today, but until they are we can help you use technology to its fullest potential.
For Retailers, we offer a large array of products and a partner company dedicated to quality, performance, and affordability... To Consumers who want to share a success story about a product or need help finding retailers who carry our line of computer and social media solutions. Please visit our Contacts and Where-To-Buy pages.
Featured Product Websites
The Power Strip Liberator Website Link
The Flexicord Website Link
Free your Power Strip Outlets! Always the Right Length!
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