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Ziotek 8 Outlet Pro Surge with Rotating Plug, 6ft, Gray ZT1120175

Ziotek 8 Outlet Pro Surge with Rotating Plug, 6ft, Gray ZT1120175
Easily plug all of your equipment into one power strip/surge protector! The patented low-profile 360 degree rotating power plug end is perfect for those hard to reach outlets. With the built-in audible alarm, you'll instantly know when voltage levels become dangerously high.Our 8 Outlet deluxe voltage spike protector has room for 3 power adapters, 5 standard plugs, and a fax/modem line too. This UL-approved protector features a master switch, status LEDs, EMI/RFI filtering, 330V clamping voltage, and 6000V maximum spike voltage protection.
  • UL 1363, 1449, 497A Listed
  • EMI/RFI filtration
  • Fax/modem protection
  • Surge protection indicator
  • Ground OK indicator
  • Surge circuit shutdown
  • Power safety shutdown (L-N)
  • Surge fail buzzer alarm

Mfg SKU:  ZT1120175

Product Specifications:

Electrical rating: 15A, 125V AC, 60Hz, 1875W
Surge energy joule rating: 1080J
Response: <1 nanosecond
Surge protection mode: L-N, L-G, N-G
Clamping voltage: 330V
Max. peak spike current: 72,000A
Max. spike voltage: 6,000V
EMI/RFI frequency: 150KHz-100MHz
EMI/RFI Attenuation: Up to 58dB
Outlets: 8
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